The Eleventh Annual Long Riders Digital Scavenger Hunt 2018


Digital Scavenger Hunt -- Instructions and Rules

HOW IT WORKS: The basic concept of this event is simple. You will be given a list of bonus locations throughout Florida and possibly South Georgia and Alabama. It is a very big list. Your task is to ride to as many bonus locations as possible within 10 hours and "collect" each bonus by taking a picture, obtaining a receipt, or accomplishing whatever other task the bonus instruction requires of you. Each bonus is worth a varying number of points depending on the distance from the start, the difficulty in finding it, traffic, and the whim of the Rallymaster. The rider who returns to the finish with the most bonus points wins.

THE BONUS LIST is like a restaurant menu; if you try to eat everything you will get sick and die, or you won't get to the finish line until Thanksgiving. You must plan an efficient route that will enable you to bag as many high-value bonuses as possible and whatever low-value bonuses your find along the way. Or you might choose to ride in a particular geographic area within 50 or 100 miles of your home town, for example, and scoop up all the bonuses in that area. Along with the "wild-card" bonuses you might find, and there could be many, you could build a respectable score this way.

The bonus list and your Rider Log-Score Sheet will be e-mailed to you in advance of the rally, probably by 6 PM on the Wednesday before the rally. This will enable you to do some route planning ahead of time and hopefully not have to stay up until the wee hours on Friday night. YOU MUST PRINT THE BONUS LIST AND THE RIDER LOG-SCORE SHEET AND BRING THEM WITH YOU TO THE RALLY. YOU WILL "CLAIM" BONUSES BY FILLING IN THE REQUIRED INFORMATION ON THE RIDER LOG IN THE ORDER YOU CAPTURED EACH BONUS. You will also receive digital files in .gdb, .gpx, .csv, and .txt format of the bonus locations on this list. This will enable you to enter them in your GPS by saving the appropriate file and then transferring it to the GPS. We should be able to send these files a few days in advance of the bonus list.

WILD CARD BONUSES, if any, will be explained in a supplemental listing that you will receive at the Friday night rider meeting and dinner and/or at the pre-ride meeting on Saturday. These bonuses will relate to the theme of the Rally. If you cannot make it to the Friday dinner, this information will be emailed to you Friday evening. Please let us know in advance if this is your plan.

There are also some high-value MANDATORY BONUSES such as the Driver License bonus and the Rider Log bonus. These are just examples; there may be others on the bonus list or the Wild Card bonus list.

POT LUCK BONUSES: Should you be given Pot Luck Bonuses on this Rally, the bonus point value will not be shown, but the point value range will be given. For example, the Pot Luck Bonus range could be stated as "from 200 points to 2000 points, in incremental values of 100." If you collect any of these bonuses, you will find out their value at the scoring table. The value of each bonus, to some extent, reflects the distance and or difficulty in collecting the bonus.

PRECIOUS CARGO (other than your passenger) -- Optional. The Rallymaster may give you the opportunity to transport and deliver some precious cargo to a specific destination during or at the end of the event. This would be strictly voluntary and would earn massive points. However, if the cargo, be it eggs, golf balls, watermelons, or water balloons, is lost or damaged, you would incur an equally massive loss of points.

DIGITAL PHOTOS: Most bonuses require a digital photo of the artifact -- a house, a statue, a sign, etc. You may take the photos with a digital camera, cell phone, or a tablet. At scoring we will view your photos on the device. The key is that the scorer must be able to zoom in or enlarge the photo to see the number on your rally flag and any other details that are necessary to identify the object as the correct bonus location.

ALL PHOTOS MUST CLEARLY SHOW YOUR RALLY FLAG in the picture, unless the instructions for the bonus state otherwise. Your rider number must be visible. For some bonuses your bike may be required to be in the picture. In the case of a two-up couple, the driver must appear in the picture. If you lose your flag, YOU must appear in the picture. In the case of a two-up couple with a lost flag, both the driver and pillion must appear. You will incur a 1000-point penalty for the loss of your flag. If you find another rider's flag that they have left behind, do not pick it up. They will probably come back for it. YOU MUST BRING YOUR RALLY FLAG TO THE SCORING TABLE.

IF YOU GET TO A BONUS DESTINATION AND IT IS UNAVAILABLE (i.e. closed, burnt down, moved etc.), do your best to obtain a replacement item. For example, if you are told to buy a Pepsi at Joe's Cafe and Joe is out of Pepsi, buy a Coke. If the bonus instructs you to have breakfast at Joe's Cafe and Joe's burned down last week, go to another restaurant in the same town. If there are no other restaurants in town, get a gas receipt from the nearest gas station or some sort of business receipt from the same town. If these options are not available locally, ride to the nearest town and get a receipt. Document your attempts to comply with the bonus instructions, and advise the Rallymasters of your efforts. Caution: make sure that every effort is made to comply with bonus instructions before resorting to alternate proof. If you are the only rider who couldn't locate Joe's, you won't get the points.

RECEIPTS: Gas receipts, lunch receipts, or purchase receipts obtained when collecting a bonus must show the location (city), date, and time. Write your odometer reading on the receipt. Gas receipts must show gallons purchased.

RIDER LOG-SCORE SHEET: This is how you keep track of the bonuses you have collected, your fuel stops, the lunch stop, wild-card bonuses, rest breaks, and anything else you do that involves getting off the bike. The log helps you keep track of what you are doing, and it is WORTH 1000 POINTS AT THE SCORING TABLE. The log will have spaces for time of day, odometer reading, a four-letter bonus code, the description of the bonus or activity (fuel, rest), and the bonus points value. IT WILL BE USED AS YOUR SCORE SHEET. IF YOU LOSE IT YOU WILL INCUR A 1,000 POINT PENALTY.

ODOMETER READING: This refers to the motorcycle's total mileage, not the trip odo. Your odometer reading will be recorded at the start and at the finish. You must also record your current odometer reading on any receipts and at each stop on your rider log.

DRIVER LICENSE AND REGISTRATION: Prior to the Start your Driver License and Registration will be sealed in an envelope. Turn in the envelope at scoring with the seal unbroken and earn 1000 points.

HELMET USE: You must wear a helmet at all times when you are on the bike during this event.

EXHAUST NOISE: Riders are strongly encouraged to avoid excessive exhaust noise during this event, including the Friday and Saturday night festivities.